From the boys’ second grade teacher, Mrs Mattfeld

Hi Laura, This is Colleen Mattfeld.I was sad to hear of the critical condition Max is in. My heart breaks for all of you. I hope and pray things turn around, and hope you understand my need to share some things with you. I am sending this as a text because I am not sure whether you read from your old email address. 
Hearing about Max’s tears brought me back to many conversations we’ve had in class about what happens when a person dies. As you mentioned, we can only imagine what he is thinking and worrying about. I’ve told the kids that because we are God’s children, after our bodies fail and die our souls live on…just like all the angels and saints. While death is hard and sad for those of us living (because we won’t be able to physically be with those we love and will miss them) the person whose body dies, goes to heaven to be with Jesus and all our other loved ones who have passed. There are no feelings of pain, sadness, home sickness; there are no more constraints of our body, so we can soar whereever we want to go, never feel the pain of a scrape or cut, and the best thing is, we CAN be with those we love! All the time, every minute of every day! We just can’t speak with everyone the way we normally do or feel their touch.(which does suck!! My turn donating to the dime jar!) We need to remember that when we die we can always be with those people if we want to, and can speak with them through the Holy Spirit. We won’t feel sadness like those who are still living… but we can provide comfort to them by sending little messages through the miracles of nature, that God has created and even through other people’s words and actions. 
You might have already told him all these things and answered his questions or you may have had a priest come in to speak with Max.(There is a special sacrament called the anointing of the sick, where the priest rubs special ointments on the sick person. He learned about this and saw where these oils are stored in the church) This might reassure him if things turn to the worst. 
I felt I had to share with you the school conversations Max has had with his friends and teachers. It might provide him comfort. Please remind Max that we are with him in prayer and are hopeful when this is through and he beats this thing, that he can share with us all of his experiences, bad and good. 
We love him and you all! If you feel it would be helpful, please share this with Monica and Justin, just in case they are at a loss for words when spending time with Max. The lessons might also provide you all with comfort as well.


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